Do you know the difference between A Pigtail and A Ponytail? If others show you a picture, can you tell which one is the ponytail or pigtail? Maybe lots of people will be confusing, they look similar some times. To avoid embarrassment that when you want your hairstylist to make a ponytail but show it a pigtail photo, let’s find out the difference between a pigtail and a ponytail.
Messy wavy ponytail hairstyle

In fact, there are several difference between the ponytails and pigtails, let’s have a check.
Key Difference:
A ponytail is a style of arranging hair that resembles the tail of a pony. It gets its name from its resemblance to the undocked tail of a horse or pony. A single ponytail is most commonly gathered at the center back of the head or the base of the neck. Depending on fashions, it may also be worn toward one side of the head (over one ear), or on the very top of the head (allowing the hair to fall down the back or one side of the head).
Ombre braided ponytail

A Pigtail commonly is divided into two symmetrical two braids that are styled on the opposite sides of the head. It may also refer to hair is not braided and left loose or a single braid.
Messy pigtails

Comparison between Ponytail and Pigtail

A ponytail is worn alone: all of the hair is pulled back into a single length secured by an elastic.
Sleek high ponytail
A Pigtail usually is divided into 2 sections from middle of the head, then each section of hair is pulled to the side and secured with an elastic.
Dutch braided pigtail style

Pigtails always refer to the cute, lovely and adorable personality. So, pigtails are generally seen on younger children or some youth kind of cute. Whereas, ponytails can be seen on all ages.
Twisted ponytail
However, because of their simple elegance and practicality, they have crossed the age borders, as nowadays they are worn by all girls and women, young and old.
Pink pigtail hairstyle

Ponytails is usually pulled all the hair in the back of the head, sometimes the place will be different like the side ponytails, high ponytails, the creature can be simple or elaborate.
Stylish braided pony
Pigtails usually is divided into two sections and tied on opposite sides of the head which can be braided or not. They also can be made into a single plaited braid.
Top knot pigtails

However, due to the ponytails and pigtails are more and more popular, there have been many variations that have developed over the years; that include a series of twists, knots, backcombing, etc. Simple or complicated, all have made these two hairstyles into trends.
With a little practice and time, you can be a master at these versatile styles. Messy pigtails