When you’re young & beautiful, there is so many exploration involved in different of your life. When it comes to your look, this should be a time to get your personality hairstyles too. Would you want to try hairstyles you haven’t tried before to see which one looks best on you and match you perfectly? If you do want that, and try to avoid the embarrassing looks on your hairstyle. Here are some hairstyles you may want to try that is working for all ages, not just young and beautiful state. You might even find the hairstyle cross century. The important thing is that fits you!

1. Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Why pixie cut? It’s not because of the ever increasing average temperature of the world supposedly attributed to global warming. What may be the reason to try the pixie cut?
Well, first, pixie cut is cool to carry especially in times and places where warmer temperature is.
Second, pixie hairstyle allow you more flexibility in style. Lastly, there is a natural charm in the different pixie hairstyles which can never be had in the long or medium-length hairstyles.

To be honesty, not every women has the courage to try the pixie cut, however, if you do that, it can be a amazing expression of your personality and style. Some pixie cut look even handsome than man’s. This is a awesome hairstyle to try when you’re young and beautiful. It is easy to style, simply apply a lightweight styling cream and work it into your hair for a bit of texture, then you can keep it as your daily look, of course, you can add bangs on it for concealing your forehead.

2. Mid-Length Hairstyle with Layers and Bangs

Like the lob, this is a hairstyle that will suit a lot of female. Do not be worried that you need to have beautiful face to showcase this hairstyle. It’s all about the internal layers and perimeters that will ensure the hairstyle will look good on anyone. The trick is to leave the top layers of your hair longer than the underneath hair layers. It is a beautiful hairstyle to add volume to your hair. Keep that in mind, layers is everything to this hairstyle.

3. Long Sleek Hairstyle

It has been a very long time, long and sleek hair has been used to be a pretty hairstyle for shows. If you have naturally straight hair, then let your hair grow long and wear it down. It is a simple to display your shiny & healthy hair. This is a versatile hairstyle that would suit any face shape, especially to the round face.

4. Razored Lob

The Lob (long bob = lob) is a bob with a length that is just above the shoulders with those charming hobo waves. Since the shorter length is easier to style, it’s not a problem to recreate this look day in and day out.Maybe you wore that style too. The razored bob, It’s been around forever, but it’s finally taking front stage. Not only are we seeing this style on lots of celebrities, but we’re also seeing it on various streets and neighborhoods. The great thing is you can wear this look pin straight, textured for whatever you want. The razored lob is so fun to wear and it will make you be the focus wherever you go.

The Ombre Lob will display the ombre perfectly while giving your hair an edgy and voluminous look. If you don’t want a cut as harsh as the razored cut but still want the benefits, check out the twist and Shout razored hair cutting method. Just make sure you choose the right part and if you opt for layers, consider where they fall for your face shape. It’s pretty well known by now that ombre lob looks best.

The Wob (or Wavy Bob) was one of the hottest hairstyles of the recent years. The razored lob is a chic hairstyle, it is a worldwide flattering hairstyle, however, lots of women were still skeptical to try it. Hence, you should give it a try at least once.

One way to get a razored lob is through a messy ponytail or updo. Go for a shoulder-grazing hairstyle with the ends gently razored, then use the hair cream to create separation in the ends to make it soft look. It may looks a little sleeker but the razored ends will render your hair in beautiful shape.

So, which of above hairstyles have you not tried yet? Time to have a try, ask your hairstylist to make you one!