There is always be debating: Which is better between air-dry and blow-dry? With all the information out there, warnings about heart-damage as well as how brittle wet hair is, it is still hard to tell which one is better.

It is fact that, both blow-dry and air-dry have advantages and disadvantages. You need to decide base on the specific occasion, which works best for your hairstyle and time.

If you’re wondering which to choose, here are some advice that will help you make a best decision by judge the advantages and disadvantages of blow-dry or air-dry.

The Negative of Air-drying Your Hair

It is said that if the hair strands are exposed to frequent and prolonged wetness, it will lead to the hair strands damaged increasing according to a dermatology research study. For example, if you sleep with wet hair or you want to braid your hair into waves, you’d better blow-drying your hair to reduce the time your hair is exposed to moist occasion. But do remember that, while blow-drying your hair please choose the low heating settings, which will actually has less damage than air-drying the hair.

Also, when your hair is wet it is at its most delicate state. It can easily become tangled and become torn or ripped when you lay down, throw a towel around it or try to detangle those wet knots.

It’s not always practical to air-dry your hair because you don’t have the time, patience or even desire to air dry your hair. Some times, blow-drying just isn’t for you but perhaps you should add a partial blow-dry to your hair routine occasionally.

Effective Air-Dry Your Hair
How to air-dry your hair

To cut down on time that your hair is soaked with water, invest in an absorbent micro-fiber towel. Rather than rubbing or blotting your wet hair, use your fingertips to just try the roots. This will increase airflow and add volume to your air-drying hair.

Use anti-frizz conditioner or oils such as coconut to prevent your hair from frizzing or becoming tangled. When brushing your hair, use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to detangle and prevent damage.

The Negative of Blow-Drying Your Hair

As we all known that the heat will damage our hair. That is because heat breaks down the hair cuticles, kind of protein layers cover each hair strand, and this will lead to your hair rough, dry and susceptible to damage.

Heat can also lead to your hair to lose moisture leaving it brittle causing split-ends, frizz and unmanageable tresses.

Excessive heat, especially if you use hair straighteners or curling irons,can damage the protein structure of hair, which causes not only your hair but also your scalp to become fragile.

Effective Blow-Dry Your Hair
How to blow-dry Your Hair

Never use the high-heat setting on your hair dryer, keep the heat low to prevent heat damage, so that the blow-drying can be done safely and effectively.

Don’t knock-down the diffuser that comes with the blow dryer. Because it will prevent overheating. Try not to blow-dry directly from the wet hair, use the towel dry the water first and let your hair air-dry a little before blow-drying or let it finish drying by air-drying to prevent too much heat exposure.

Always use a heat-protection product any time that you are using heat on your hair and avoid keeping your blow dryer on one section hair for too long.

Try not to wash hair everyday. Washing and drying your hair only few times per week will keep damage to a minimal and it’ll also minimal the hair loss. If you are going to blow-dry, keep heat exposure minimal and use low-heat products. If you choose to air-dry, try to prevent prolonged water exposure.
Should You Air-Dry or Blow-Dry Hair?