Though the Rio 2016 has came to end few days ago, however, it never decrease our enthusiasm about this Rio 2016. Let’s have a look back to our Rio 2016’s athletes’ Hairstyle, you definitely will find something!

Did you expect all athletes’ look will be like this before you watching the Rio Olympic Games? Handsome and charming like this...

if that so, You should be prepared ready.
In fact, there are lots of awesome hairstyle can be found in the Rio 2016, now open your eyes, let’s have a look back the Rio 2016 Those Awesome Hairstyles.
1.You know, just because i glance you one more time at the football ground, then i can’t forget that, even don’t remember the sore of that football game, but only your awesome hairstyle!!!
Can anybody tell me which team won the game of woman’s football game... LOL!

2.That just not the contest of the game, but also the hairstyle’s contest!!!
Whose hairstyle more awesome, who win!!!

3.Hold My Breath, and Focus !! ! I can make it.
Just want to know, did the judge or the opponents can hold their laugh or breath when staring at your hair... Because, i can’t, LoL~~

4. Shut up! Just look at him silently.

5.There are too much stress on the competition, but luckily, i got my hair share my burden, take a deep breath first.

6. I am the Fire in the Rio 2016

Red Fire am I

Ombre Fire

The Ombre Yellow to Green Fire

7. Don’t just look at my hair, please focus on my competition...My show is perfect too!

So, what do you think of these hairstyle in Rio 2016?
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