Happy hour is always going too fast, the Halloween is gone, and do you feel not getting enough fun from that? Believe it or not, i am lingering around the happiness of wearing my favorite cosplay costume... Now that mention to the cosplay costume of Halloween, let’s talk about the basics of wearing a cosplay wig here, though Halloween is gone, wearing a wig to cosplay your favorite is always fun.
The first thing i want to talk about is the size of a wig. Usually, there are small, medium and large three normal size for a wig. However, there is not everyone has the size head. So choose a suitable wig is necessary. Luckily, nowadays, lots of wigs are made of adjustable wigs, which save us lots of time and work to do.
But if the size of the wigs is not adjustable, then figuring out your size of head before ordering wigs is very important, so you don’t wind up with a wig that is unbearable to wear! To measure your head, use a measuring tape around your head from the back to the very top of your forehead.
funy cosplay wig

Now, how to actually wear your wig. Here I would like to start with how to wear a basic, low-maintenance cosplay wig from cosrooms wigs.

Things You will Need:
A wig cap,
Snap clips,
Hair pins.

Why wig cap? Wearing a wig cap makes it much easier while you’re wearing your wig, and the wig cap is really cheap, you can find it just about $0.5 to $1 on our Hair Extension Tools, or you can buy wig caps at most online wig stores. The wig cap is made with elastic nylon netting material, which making it easier to attach the wig to your head with hairpins. What you need to do is slide the wig cap over your head, down to your neck and back up to your head.
18 inch long gintama terakado tsu purple cosplay wig

Using the snap clips to secure the wig cap stick to your hair once you have your wig cap on. To ensure your hair is covered into the wig cap as much as possible, just use about proper snap clips.
After your wig cap is secured, then put on the cosplay wig, hold the front and the back and slide it over your head, holding the front secure at your hairline while pulling the back down as far as you can.
Ensure the ear tags lay evenly at your hair, and use the hairpins to secure the wig to the wig cap, then hide your hairpins into the wig. After securing the wig with hair pins, then you can trim the cosplay wig in your favorite style.
That’s the method for wearing a simple cosplay wig, but if your purchased wig have any sort of updo, like ponytails, pigtails, braids and more. Which are going to have most of their weight in the back or side. For those cosplay wigs, sewing a hair comb or toupee clips inside the front of the synthetic wig would be helpful. Some cosplay wigs maybe already added 2 small clips in front of the wig, some maybe not. But make sure that don’t put the snap clips on the forehead that may obstruct the wig comb or clips.
stella nox fleuret cosplay wig

Once you adjust your wig onto your head properly, you will again want to start using hairpins–probably more than you would put into a regular wig. Basically you just want to keep pining and pining and pining until that wig feels like it is going nowhere. Carefully tilting your head around is a good way to gauge how secure your wig is. If it feels like it is slipping in any direction, just pin some more!
Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen Cosplay Wig

Adjusting your cosplay wig on your head properly until it is secure by tilting your head around. Then your cosplay wig is done, just enjoy your cos-play show with it! If any question, just comment on it.