Fusion hair extension, nowadays have been divide into Nail-tip Hair Extensions, Stick-tip Hair Extensions and Flat-tip Hair Extensions. It is a weaving method that is not so well recognized compared to Clip-in hair extensions, Tape in hair extension or hair weaving. This type of installation do not damage your hair, if it is done by a professional. Because the fusion hair extensions are attached one by one, stuck with the keratin glue melted a few millimeters from the root of real hair.

Things You'll Need
Fusion hair extension
Template Circle
Parchment paper
Hair extension iron
Latex Finger Protectors
Spread a piece of parchment paper onto a hard work space. The parchment paper will prevent the fusion hair extensions from sticking directly to your work space once the glue is applied.
Put on the fusion finger guards to prevent hot keratin glue from spilling into direct contact with your hands.
Lay the fusion hair extension bundles onto the parchment paper.
1. To install the fusion hair extensions, your hair should be 12.7 cm (5 inches) minimum so the attachment joints are invisible. The fusion hair extensions are applied 5 mm away from the scalp.
2. Make the hair preparation rows.
Using the thin tail of the comb to select a small strand of hair.
Insert the strand of hair in the template circle to protect the scalp.
Use hot extension iron to heat the tips of the fusion hair extensions to your natural hair, your hair is fixed to the original lock expansion on heating point of keratin glue.

3 When the keratin glue is not transparent, Heating the keratin on the hair creates a bond that attaches it, then roll the extension with your fingers to secure the fusion hair extension and natural hair into uniform.
4 Repeat the same steps to put the hair strands one by one across the scalp.
5 In the end, the fusion hair extension will be brushed lightly to blend so harmoniously with your own hair.
Usually, about 200 to 250 strands fusion hair extension will be needed to complete a full head of hair extensions.

We do not recommend often use this method for hair extension, because of it will cause few amount of damage caused by the removal process.