violet straight tape in hair

Hair extensions are a fun, easy way to give new look to your hair. Hair Extensions can add the length, volume and color to your hair. There are different types of hair extensions, but one of the easiest types to apply yourself is tape in hair extensions. Using a double-sided tape, you can install these hair extensions with minimal damage to your natural hair.

Burgundy straight tape in hair extension

Tape in hair extension which also named skin weft hair extension is very easy to use and can be instantly applied to parted areas of the head. It is simple , completely invisible and giving all natural beautiful appearance. It looks like the hair is growing from your own scalp. The hair is hand sewn into a a clear skin base and then, is attached to a durable double sided invisible adhesive tape.
It maybe the best to go to a salon and get your tape in hair extension install. However, if you’re a person with patience and prefer DIY, save that money.. I'm here to tell you that it's easy too to DIY, and will not mess up!!
It’s fact that install the tape in hair extension, it’s easy especially to those who are used to creating thing with their own hands. If you're just somebody looking for what sort of extensions to try out, visit our Tape in hair extension. If you've already purchased tape-in extension, let us continue with the instructions!

Kindly Remind & Tips

Ask a friend for help
It will definitely be quicker and easier if you have somebody else help you. If you don't have friends nearby, you can use two mirrors to see the back part of your head.

Be aware of the position
In case of they be seen, please don’t put your extensions too close to the edge of your scalp. Also avoid putting them too high up towards your part!

Sticky to sticky
While you are sandwiching a layer of your hair between two tape in hair extensions. Make sure the sticky side from the top to bottom extension tapes are touching each other, for maximum adherence.

6 Steps to Use the Tape in Hair Extension

1.Wash & Dry Your Hair

Before you try to use the tape in hair extension to your hair. Wash and dry your hair completely before starting. Only in that way, your tape in extensions will last longer! Or they'll fall off quicker if you hair are in dirty situation when you're trying to install the skin weft, usually at the worst time possible. Trust me you don’t want that while you're talking with your friends and running your fingers through your hair, and suddenly a patch of hair comes out in your hand.

2. Section off Your Hair from Bottom to Top

Section off your hair from the bottom and install your way up. Start the first row of tape in hair extension one or two inch up from the bottom of your scalp. Using a comb, section off your hair evenly. Pull the top half up and secure it, leaving the bottom half hanging down.

3. Sandwiched A Thin Section of Your Hair

Use the comb to gather a section of hair as wide as one of the tape in extension wefts which is going to be sandwiched between two tape in hair extensions. It's important that the adhesive "tape" sticky to sticky on the top extension tape touches that of the bottom extension tape, so that the two stick together.

4. Attach The Tape in Hair Extension

A good way to tell if your section is thin enough is attach the bottom extension in place, flush against your scalp. Once you've done that, use your finger to see if you can feel the stickiness of the tape through your own layer of hair. If not, use your comb to carefully pull some of your hair off of the tape. When you can feel the sticky, attach the top extension. Press the top and bottom skin wefts for about 20 seconds to make sure them stick firmly. So water won't get between them while you're showering and make them come out. You'll get the hang of it as you keep installing. As mentioned before, don't put the skin wefts too close to the edges of your scalp - or everyone will see where they attach, and they'll know you're a fraud!

5. Half an inch up Repeat the Step 4

About half an inch up from the first weft create the next section of hair. But do remember that not to place the skin wefts too high on your scalp, because that also puts them at risk of being visible, usually 5 rows of wefts make be good. Be patient please, it’ going to take about 2 hours to get it done if all doing by yourself.

6.Cut and Style

If your hair is a bit longer, and already layered, you shouldn't have problems blending your hair into your new tape in extensions. However, if you have a short blunt cut, do some trimming maybe look better !
The hair do look so well when curled, and it helped the hair to blend into the skin weft tape in extensions better.