Have you ever watched the Hot TV play ? It is so amazing that we can tell one whether it lie or not just from watching its micro facial expression. That is awesome and i think it needs talent and hard work to practice then you can have that kind of skill. But here we’re not talking about how to develop such skill but we can tell a woman’s personality from her hairstyles. What’s that? Pull down the wheel and have a check.

Here are ten things about a woman’s hairstyle you might not know, and secrets they hold.

1.  If she style her straight hair into curly or wavy hair, then she might be just craving more fun and longing for freedom. It may also on behalf of she wants to build her own of charm and usually she will enjoy the pursuit of men.
2017 chic wavy hairstyle
Just like you eat certain foods to fulfill what your body wants, curling your hair can also symbolize a craving that needs to be satisfied. It is believed that curling your hair opens up the opportunity for exciting experiences since your hairstyle appears to be interesting. As a result, you broadcast a fun and positive vibe to people around you.
Curling the straight hair usually symbolize that she need to be satisfied or approved. It is believed that if a girl curls her straight hair then she is opens up the opportunity for exciting feelings since the hairstyle appears to be charming. Likewise, if you’re chasing a girl but don’t how how she feels about you only know that she recently changes her straight hair into curly or wavy style. Then congratulation to you.

2.If she always ties up her long hair, it will give a sense of competent. Such a woman usually with a self-disciplined lifestyle. Stubborn and dislike to change maybe one of her features.
Girls who ties up her long hair
Such kind of woman, usually has her own routine for life, self-disciplined maybe one of her feature. Once she consider something should be done like her will, it is difficult to change her own decision. So this kind of woman maybe be stubborn sometimes, but since she won’t easy to change her will, there are of big chance that there are elite among such woman.

3. A shoulder length hairstyle maybe look elegant also indicates that she is a woman of thinker
A shoulder length hairstyle maybe look elegant also indicates that she is a woman of thinker
A shoulder length hairstyle, or lob style usually suggests the ability to think smartly. This kind of woman values rationality more than sensibility. A decent style and elegant woman will be. Easily frustrated and impatient will seldom seen from such a woman with shoulder length hairstyle.

4. If a woman has a head of long hair, then this woman should belong to the pure and lovely type, a gentle and kind lady
a gentle and kind lady with long hair
Moreover, this kind of woman also tend to be more creative as well as romantic. You are one of those that stick to going with the flow, quite in touch with feelings! If you are in love with long hair style but do not want to wait couple months to wait, use Long Clip in Human Hair Extension instead

5. Women who like short hairstyles, usually are women who full of vitality. Their life is very organized, and they do things with priorities, and seen from the short neat haircut, these woman are very capable for their jobs, and with a straightforward personality.
Vogue Short hairstyles
Of course, a head of extremely short haircut, though it looks neat but it also man-like haircut. Such women are straightforward and sometimes act like ‘man’ or hoiden, which are more open-minded.

6. A high maintenance hairstyle means she is either a drama queen or self-critical.
A high maintenance hairstyle
Since a high maintenance hairstyle requires a good amount of time to get ready, it indicates either of two things. One, you worry too much about subtle details, are anxious and quite self-critical or you just long for attention because you like being a drama queen. Kindly reminded, don’t judge her hairstyle if your friend is one of this kind hairstyle.

7. If a woman who ignore her hairstyle and just make a messy braid, this kind of girls are of considerate personality, they tend to put other needs before their own.
messy braid
If a girl really don’t care what her hair looks like or she tend to skip haircuts just show others with her natural look, then mostly she is a girl of considerate heart feature. This woman is with much sophistication, you can feel her generous and kind. Disadvantages to them are they tend to be more conservative.

8. If a woman like to have her hair shaved, then you maybe making friends with incredible romantic
Shaved hairstyle
Being bald by choice also indicates that she have a big heart that pairs up perfectly with her sparkling personality. Moreover, she is quite willing to love!

9. A blunt cut style indicates that she talk straight to the point.
Trendy blunt cut style
A female with such a blunt haircut sets goals, values logic and is always driven. The reason behind such a hairstyle is that it is easy to maintain and does not need too much effort. Such women usually work efficiency.

10. Layered hairstyle show us that she maybe perfectionist.
Layered hairstyle
Layered hair is a hairstyle that gives the illusion of length and volume using long hair for the illusion of length and short hair for volume, as an easy style to manage. Hair is arranged into layers, with the top layers (those that grow nearer the crown) cut shorter than the layers beneath. This allows the tips of the top layers to blend apparently seamlessly with layers beneath... See, a layered cut has to be in perfect so that it appears charming. So, if the woman you know owning a layered hairstyle, a lot of chances that she is a perfectionist about everything, including hair.
Next time when you see a woman with these 10 specific hairstyles or want to change your own haircut, keep in mind that the 10 things we just talked about. To know yourself or others better.