Will you discard your cosplay wig when it has became really messy? Most of cosplayers will do that. However, that is kind of wasteful, don’t you think? Especially when it is made with heat resistant synthetic fiber. Here, let’s introduce you some methods of rescuing a messy cosplay wig made with heat resistant fiber, hope this can help!
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Things you will need

A steel comb;
Hair conditioner;
Electric hair straightener
Wig Frame
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Synthetic wig is easy to get tangle, when your cosplay wig has been rather fluffy and jagged with knots or tangles which looks like the picture shows.
messy cosplay wig

It will be really hard to comb the cosplay wig if not applying some hair conditioner, so just add some hair conditioner to the fiber and comb the hair from top to bottom section by section with a steel comb which is of anti-static to hair.

If your cosplay wig tangles badly like below, what you need is be patient please. Just pull it with your hands and comb it with steel comb step by step.
frizz wig

If it still hard to be smooth, drag the hair when the small knots form then cut the middle of each knot. Use the steel comb to brush it once again until all cut knots stick to the steel comb.

When treating a handful of knots, do use the scissor directly, that will lead the wig be useless. Brush smooth the hair and fix it aside. When there are only a handful of knots on your hand, brush it from up to bottom at the place 10 cm above the knot. Brush and pull them several times , they will be smooth.

Repeat above steps continually until it smooth. And then wash the hair with flush water, brushing it in the meantime and leaving it dries naturally. Though it is still a little fluffy, jagged. Use an electric hair straightener to smooth that jagged. Brush it and press the top by one hand to avoid it drops down. Pick up a section of hair by another hand and clip it from top to bottom naturally and you can add some hair conditioner on it.
A heat resistant messy cosplay wig now has been refreshed, then we can do another step.

Hang up the hair and turn on the hair straightener first.

Pick out the jagged hair and smooth hair aside. Pull up the plug after about 1-2 minutes if you feel hot and then after 15- 20 seconds, using the hair straightener to clip section of jagged hair quickly as a test experiment. If the hair becomes burned, move the hair straighter away quickly and wait another 20 seconds and repeat the former step, clip the hair with hair straightener back and forth several times quickly.
After straighten clipping for a moment, the heat of the straightener will be reduced a lot, then plug in once again. Repeat the steps and clip the jagged hair section by section until the whole messy cosplay wig is fixed. Most of heat resistant cosplay wig can be restored to the original shape. What you need is be more patient and careful, which will save you a lot and give you lots of fun by witnessing your cosplay wig refresh.
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