What are micro loop hair extensions? Micro loop hair extensions are very hot in European salons, it also named as micro ring hair extension, micro beads, micro links, micro hair and micro ring loop hair extension. The micro loop hair don’t need any adhesive to adhere to your natural hair, which won’t cause any damage to your hair.

The micro loop hair extension are threaded through a loop along with your natural born hair. And there is a bead applied and clamped together with the hair, holding it all in place. Not like the fusion hair extensions, there is no heat, no glue here.

Micro loop hair extensions can offer you thickness, volume and length as you want. What you need to do is that adjusting them every six weeks, so that you can slide them up your hair. Using the pliers and needles, beads (which can find from the hair extension tools on omgnb) to open up the bead, then slide it up higher along your natural hair, just tight it up.

Nowadays, there are lots of colors of the micro loop hair extensions, blonde, ombre color, black, brown, auburn, burgundy, etc. Almost range all kinds of salon’s color chart.

It is easy to install on your hair too. Section off your own hair which will be threaded through, along with a similar amount of micro loop hair and then the ring be squeezed shut with the small pliers to secure it all in place. To take off them, all you need to to is squeeze the ring the other way with the pliers to open it up. With the micro hair extension, you can easily lengthen your hair , or add colors into your hair and make them curls or wavy without hurting your own hair.

If you’re going for a full hair look, 2 or 3 set of micro loop hair would be recommend. That is about 200 or 300 strands hair extension, so that it can match your thick hair perfectly.

Things you may need:
Micro loop hair extensions
Small Pliers

Follows are Steps:
1. Use the comb brush your hair roughly and parting them into two parts, and clip the top part of hair to secure them on the top.
2. Section off your hair and twist it to make it easy to pull into ring. Just remember do not pick the section hair too close to the edge of your scale, in case of the micro loop ring being seen.
3. Put the section hair straight through the ring and then pull the ring towards the root of your hair, leave about a centimeter between the ring and your scalp.
4. Use the plier to clamp tight the bead of the micro loop hair extension from both side, left to right. Then the first strand of micro hair is in place!
5. Pick another section of hair next to the first strand hair, and repeat the steps 2 to 4, and make it in a row line place.
6. Brushing and part your hair into two parts, one inch down next to the micro hair line, to install another row of micro hair. Repeat the steps. So, you will see that the rings hide really well under a top layer of hair.

Kindly Remind: 2 inches above your ears to install the micro hair, so that they’ll be invisible. For the back of the head, don’t put any rings at the top of your neck where your hair begins, these will be visible when you tie your hair back, and also direct contact with the skin might scratch and irritate it, so start the rings an inch or two away from your hairline.
When taking off the micro loop rings, don’t be worried if a lot of hair comes out. This would’ve been shed naturally, but the rings kept it in place. Also, be aware that after a few months wear, your roots might start to dread. Once your rings are out, it’s best to pry your roots apart with your fingers before brushing, or it’ll just be painful.
Last but not least, it is normal that sleeping with the micro loop hair extensions maybe uncomfortable for the first night of wear, but if the pain keeps on for more than two nights, then think about moving the rings further down, as you may have installed them too tightly.