Hair weaves are a great hair extension for hairstyle, will definitely give you a different look which can make your friends jealous, and what you need is install them in salon or do it yourself with proper hair extension tools.

Things you will need

A wide tooth comb
A fine tooth comb
A hair pick
2-3 large hair clips
2-3 bundles human hair wefts
Human hair closures
Curved sewing needles
Weave thread with the same color to hair
Wig cap
Pick or fine tooth comb

Part one Creating Your Base Braids

1.Wash and condition your hair.
Wash your hair as usually do, and give it a good conditioning treatment as well. Make your hair is totally dry before starting the cornrow process.

2. Choose your parting style.
What’s your favorite parting style? Is it the middle parting style of your head or slightly off-center? Choose the location of the part and separate out half a inch sections of hair on either side of it. Pin the rest of your hair back using the clips.Your parting is the exposed area of the scalp, which only needs to go about halfway back on your head.

3. Braiding based on your parting.
Braid two rows of hair on each side of the part. Start with one of the half a inch sections of hair, and separate a small piece about a quarter of an inch thick on one of the ends. Braid towards the ear on the same side of the parting. Braid these hair strand about two thirds of the way down, leaving the ends loose.
Braid both sides of the part, each of the strands that are sticking out will be the start of a row of braids going all the way around your head.

4. Braid the perimeter row.
Start from both sides to braid the perimeter row, which will wraps around the outer edge of your face, head, and to the nape of your neck.Take your hair out of the hair clips. Keep the braid tight and close to your scalp.

Part Two Sewing on Your Wig Cap

1. Prepare your needle and thread.

2. Put on your wig cap.

Sliding it over your head, cover your entire hairline all the way around; the wig cap should go over your ears, forehead, and the nape of your neck as bit so as to make sure your braids are completely covered.
3. Sewing your wig cap to your braids.

4. Sew the wig cap to the perimeter braid.
Make sure that your knots and thread are pulled tight, so that your cap is firmly attached to your braids.

5. Sew the wig cap around your parting.
Starting from your last knot on the perimeter braid, skip up to the next row of braids on your head. You should have a large ‘U’ shape of knots. Make sure that each knot is at least 1-inch away from the center part. Finish off by tying two knots at the base of your sewing, where you started on the perimeter braid.

6.Cut the extra wig cap off, without cutting the knot.

Part 3 Sewing on Your Human Hair Wefts

1.Measure your hair weft for the perimeter braid.
Open one weft let the hair is exposed. Starting at the beginning of your perimeter braid, hold the extension in place, and wrap it around your head. Hold it to the perimeter braid the entire time to make sure it is the right length. When you get to the end of the perimeter braid on the other side, measure a little extra hair, and then trim it to fit.

2. Measure the hair extension to go around the outside of your parting.
Measure the piece go around the ‘U’ shape of your parting. Hold the end of the hair extension over the beginning of the ‘U’ shaped parting near your forehead, and wrap it around where you have already knotted. When you get to the end on the other side (back to your forehead), add a little extra length to your measurement

3. Prepare the thread.

4. Create your base knot through the weft of the extension.

5.Sewing the hair weft to your wig cap. Start at the perimeter braid near your parting

6.Sew your hair wefts around the outside of your parting.

7. Begin sewing in the rest of your head with the hair weave.

8. Finish sewing in your head.
Sewing your hair weave to your cap/braids,remember to always double knot over a fold or the beginning of a weft, to properly secure it. When you have finished filling in your head, trim off any excess that might hang over the front.

Part 4 Sewing on Your Human Hair Closure

Turn your closure piece back over so that the weft is exposed. Bring your closure to your scalp, and place it where you want it to go. Insert your needle through a braid or a piece of weft from another extension nearby on your scalp, and pull it tight to create your regular knot. Continue doing this in a circular movement around your closure piece, until you’ve gotten back to the beginning.

Part 5 Cut and Style Your New Hair Extensions

After all these being done, then enjoy your new hair, style it into your style!