Once your see the waterfall braid and i bet you that you’ll absolutely fell in love with it. Because the waterfall braid is a hairstyle which can immediately get someone want to try and it can’t wait to share it to friends. This waterfall braid is definitely for the more advanced braiders.
If you’re looking for a chic look for a formal event or you are owning a less than stellar hair day, the waterfall braid hairstyle will be definitely you can count on. Here will be showing you how to create a waterfall braid and transition it into a beautiful look.

Things you’ll need
Bobby pins

Now Follow the Steps

Step 1: Using the come parting your hair in your favorite hair parting.

Step 2: Begin braiding on the side you want to show. Take a bit section hair with the comb from the part down to forehead, and separate that into three pieces (like a normal braid). Cross the right side over the middle and then cross the left section in, but instead of threading the left through, just drop it down so it looks like the waterfalls.

Step 3: For the next hair piece, add in your left section and your center section and then drop out your right section (essentially like French braiding, but leaving a strand to fall each time).

Step 4: Continue braiding and down the side of your head dropping hair pieces out.

Step 5: Secure the waterfall braid end by criss-crossing the bobby pins together at the back of the head.

Step 6: Enjoy and Show off your fancy new side waterfall braid!