The Things You Need
Hair Dye
Bleaching Products (Natural Hair Is Darker Than Desired Color)
Old Shirt And Towel
Aluminum Foil

Figuring out what color you want that suits you, which can match your eyes, flatters your skin. Purchase a right bleaching or lightening product, especially when you want to lighten your dark color hair. Remember always dye hair from light to darker. So, you need to bleach the dark color first if your desired color is lighter than your natural hair. But if you already have very light hair, you can skip this step.
Buy more hair dye than you think you will need. Trust me, you don’t want to run out with half of your hair left to dye.
Hair dye will stain your fingers, so it’s better to keep them covered by gloves during this process.
How to Dip Dye Hair

Prepping Your Workstation

1. Cover Up Your Shirt And Neck
Put on an old T-shirt to avoid the dye get on your clothing, of course, if you have a hairdressing gown that will be good. Wrap your neck with an old towel to avoid staining your neck. But if you’re dip dyeing Human Hair Extensions, you can skip this step.

2. Set Up Your Supplies In The Bathroom
It’s easiest to dip dye your hair in your bathroom, because it has everything you need: a counter, water, and a mirror. You may want to cover up your counter, especially if it is a light color, to avoid any staining from the hair dye.

3. Comb Your Hair Thoroughly And Style Your Hair As You Like Before Starting
Comb Your Hair Thoroughly

4. Bleaching Few Strands Of Your Hair To Test First
If your desired color is lighter than your natural hair, you will need to bleach first. And then dyeing the few strands of your hair to have a check its effect. Follow the instructions while bleaching.
Bleaching your hair will dry it out. So, please deep condition your hair to replenish some of the lost moisture after the bleaching.

Dip Dying Your Hair
Dip Dying Your Hair
1. Preprocessing The Dye According To The Instructions
Some hair dyes can be applied to the hair directly, but some dyes may need to be mixed. If the color you want is a secondary color, you need to create it by mixing the dyes first too.

2. Dip The Dye To Your Hair
Sections Off Your Hair. You can use a brush to paint it on the section, or you can dip it into the dye, spreading it along the section of hair with your gloved hand. If you want your hair of ombre tones. Concentrate the majority of the dye on the ends of your hair, making sure the tips are fully saturated. As you bring the dye upwards, use less dye so that it gradually fades into your natural color. Repeat the steps until it is dip dyed all over your head or achieve what you want.

3. Wrap Each Dyed Section Hair With Aluminum Foil
This will heat up your hair and speed up the dying process. It will also prevent you from making a mess as the dye sits on your hair.

4. Leave The Day On Your Hair According To The Dye Instructions
Check the color time to time to see if it is bright enough. With many colored dyes, the longer you let it sit, the brighter it will be. Remember, some dyes will fade gradually with washes, so if you don’t let it sit very long, you will get a paler color that washes out faster.

5. Rinse Out The Dye
Rinse out the redundant dye once you’ve let the dye for required time. Use cold water to wash and you can apply conditioner to your hair for some moisture and shine. Remember do not wash with shampoo, because it will be more likely to strip some of the dye out of your hair and lighten it. The less you wash your hair, the longer your dip dye will last!

6. Daily Nursing
Nice dip dye hairstyle

Shampoos, heat product, blow dryers, flat irons or curling irons will case the color to fade more quickly. So try to avoid using these things if you want your color keep longer. If you do use them, ensure to use a heat protectant.