Wondering what to make a hot & beautiful hairstyle for the coming Autumn? But do not know which to begin? Have a look at our below hair color collection and find the best shade for you. Future in now, come and blow up our looks right now!

1.Balayage Hair

Balayage hairstyle has been the most popular for a while in salons these days. But do you know that the balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair color - similar to what nature gives us as children - with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. Please remember the principal rule to make a natural balayage look, is the “Less is more” when creating soft.

2. Hidden RAINBOW Hair

Hidden rainbows are placed in spots not normally seen unless the hair is up, and usually layers will be placed to give the peekaboo effect. The most important part of doing a hidden rainbow look is maintaining the integrity of the hair while lightening it to a point where the colors will be vivid.
If you love rainbow hair trend but don't want to make the full commitment, Colorful Clip in Hair Extension, Tape in hair or Fusion tips hair extension are the perfect solution.

3. Sombre Hair

Sombre , or subtle ombre, is a softer take on the original gradient hair trend.The Sombre look is all about a softer version of Ombre - the appearance of dark roots is less harsh than before and color is more seamlessly melted together. Going beyond balayage and working with more shades and tones throughout the hair to add dimension and texture, a subtle graduation from roots to ends, a change that is so small but it still makes a big difference.

4. Bronde Hair

"Bronde" , a pretty between blonde and brunette is one of the hottest shades of the season 2016.
As Siobhan Jones Said, "The key to achieving this color is to have lots of your natural base color showing through, so ask your stylist for a consultation. Here they can recommend the tones that suit your eye and skin tone while looking at the natural depth of your brunette or dark blonde. By incorporating subtle shimmers of a lighter shade they will enhance your features as well as the movement and texture, making sure the most complimentary shade is placed around your face. "Plus, it's a low maintenance color so it's perfect for anyone who is a little color shy or not able to get to the salon very often." Blunt to “it’s a low maintenance...” this sentence, won’t you want to have a try?

5. Deep Chocolate Hair

Still the deep chocolate hair is a great beauty. With a head of thick and luscious chocolate brown medium length hair plus some spiral curl into the style, it definitely an awesome looking!

6. Rich Auburn Hair

Rich Auburn is always a color of Autumn, charming but not dazzling, more about the beauty of the maturity and elegance.

7. Ash Blonde Hair

A woman with the ash blonde hair in Autumn is as pretty as an angel. You can just sweep all your locks to one side for an effortless chic hair look. And if you don’t like fringe hairstyles, then a back teased hairstyle would be what you need. You will look quite pretty with the loose wavy ash blonde hair comes along gently.