We love ponytails as it is one of the most comfort and classical hairstyles,soon it’s time to back to school, so how to make a perfect ponytail in a short time? There 7 ways will show you.

1.Tilt Your Head Back
Tilt your head backward while doing a ponytail, which will make it easier to gather your hair at a closer angle. Every time you lift your head back up, the ponytail looks tighter.

2.Adjust The Height of Your Ponytail
Every time you pull your hair straight back, your face will stays the same and keeps people’s focus at eye level. But when you pull your ponytail height up, your hair will in line with your cheekbones, drawing people’s focus upward, instantly creating the illusion of a different face shape, giving you a thinner face look.

3.Lengthen Your Hair by 2 Steps
Have you ever expect your hair grow instantly long in minutes? Giving your hair an extra inches with these steps.
Step 1
Separate your hair into a top and a bottom section. Gather the top half into a medium-high ponytail and secure with an hair band.

Step 2
Gather the bottom half of your hair into another ponytail that sits underneath the first one. Use hair pins to smooth it out a bit. Don’t worry about its weird look at first, once you blend the two ponytails together, you’ll fall in love with an ultra-long hairstyle. Of course, there is a more convenient way to lengthen your hair, that is directly apply a Ponytail Hair Extension on it.

4. Tie knots with your hair
Any texture is great for this ponytail. If you have straight hair or slight wave, brush it out. If you have curly hair or want to maintain your natural wave for this ponytail, then skip the brushing.
Put the hair behind your ears in a low ponytail and secure using a hair band. You’ll leave both sections from the front/sides out. If you have really thick hair and you want to do this, you might consider taking more hair into the ponytail and leaving less out front. If your sections in front are too thick, it could be hard to conceal them later.
Take both side sections, give them a light mist of strong hold hairspray, then pull them back over the top of the ponytail. Twist them into a half knot.
Now take those two pieces and wrap them around the ponytail and under.
Use small hair pins to secure the remaining pieces under the ponytail. We kind of “stuffed” the longer bits up underneath the base of the ponytail before hair pinning.
Finish off by smoothing out any flyaway hairs with a light veil of hairspray!
Have a look at the ponytail with knots!

5. Add Two Hair Pins
Step 1: Pull your hair into a ponytail.
Tilt your head downward and gather your hair into a ponytail, then secure. We used this hot pink Invisible coil hair tie for a fun summery look. While the ponytail is functional, it sags downward, making it more likely to come out.

Step 2: Prop it up with two hair pins.
Stick two hair pins vertically underneath your ponytail, through the hair tie. This props up your ponytail and makes it appear fuller.

Step 3: Smooth it out.
Gently brush your ponytail hair to make it smoother, then ruffle it up with your fingertips.
Here's what the first ponytail looks like next to the boosted-up version.

6.Wrap your ponytail with real hair
If your ponytail is made with your own hair, then wrap a section of hair around your ponytail to cover up the elastic and make a seamless look.
But if you don’t want so trouble, a Ponytail Human Hair Extension would be perfect too.

7.Braiding The Ponytail
The hair braid and the ponytail — both simple and classic on their own. Together, they’re charming. Update a simple ponytail with a wrap-around braid at the base. Got some extra time? Play it up even more with a French braid along the hairline.

Step 1: Separate the hair into two sections on an angle with the right side thicker than the left.

Step 2: Pull the right side into a ponytail directly in the center of the head.

Step 3: Start to French braid the left side.

Step 4: Continue the braid all the way down the hair and secure the end with an hair band or elastic.

Step 5: Wrap the braid around the ponytail’s elastic, pinning it in place with hair pins.