When you are going to join a party but wondering which hairstyle to take in a short time, then you can just tease and spray your hair, maybe just do it few time, you will get something interesting hairstyle. If you are still don’t know how to start your hairstyle, have a try this 7 Easy Steps to Get a Perfect Sleek Hairstyle for yourself now.

Things you’ll need:

Bobby Pins
Ombre Hair

Step 1 Section off your hair from the top and secure it with clip;
Step 2 Pull the left side hair straight back and pin it;
Step 3 Spray and Smooth;
Step 4 Repeat step 2 and 3 on the other side;
Step 5 For the top hair, start tease and spray the section hair from the back;
Step 6 Take thin section and tease from the root;(Pro Tip: Tease the entire top except for the very front section)
Step 7 Flip the front section back and spray, then enjoy your sleek hairstyle.