What affect our beauty? I think there are tons of opinions about this subject. As far as i am concerned, there are internal beauty and external beauty that consist of our beauty. Hair and face shape are important factors that affect one’s external beauty. So it is important to match a haircut for your face type. Especially for the first sight to attracts attention. Below, we’ll talk about 7 chic hair styles of 2017 to inspire you have a splendid haircut or style to enhance your external appearance. The key to the beauty is to try.

1. The Chic Asymmetric Hairstyle
If you’re owning a head of short hair. This chic hairstyle will satisfy you. Just swept the hair across your face and make it asymmetric look. Make some curves with the wand which will add be good to emphasis your volume. This hairstyle would be perfect to the oval-faced ladies whose hair with medium density.
The Chic Asymmetric Hairstyle

2. The High Fringe Hairstyle
If your have wide face shapes and your hair is of medium long and density. Do you want to a sexy look? I guess the answer is yes. This hairstyle, your hair will be pile left or right on your fringe area. To achieve the look only 5 steps. First, apply some of styling products to your damped hair. Second, blow dry your hair on top with your brush upwards and forwards. Third, apply some texturizing product to your hair. Fourth,shape and wave the your hair with fingers. The last step is to add some hairspray for protecting your hair for a long time. Then you have made it, if possible, wearing your good earring to support it, that would be perfect!
The High Fringe Hairstyle

3.The Asymmetrical Hairstyle with no Layers
If your face is of heart face, oval face, triangular face, long face, square face. If there is a hairstyle that can give your hair volume and give you a cool look, would you like to try it? The asymmetrical haircut with no layers is the answer. To achieve this hairstyle, you just need 4 steps. 1st, apply a styling product to your damped hair. 2nd , blow dry your hair. 3rd, curled your hair with a barrel iron or other iron wand. 5TH, set your hair with hairspray.
The Asymmetrical Hairstyle with no Layers

4.The Messy Pixie Hairstyle
Pixie hairstyle is being increasing trend to the beauty world. The messy pixie hairstyle is one of the hot hairstyle which can be seen not only on the streets but also on a red carpet. Cutting the front and the back of the head by using a razor and then add some messy layers to it. Yes, this hairstyle is a radical style. You’ve owing it. It’s easy to achieve!
The Messy Pixie Hairstyle

5.The Blunt Bangs Bob Hairstyle
This hairstyle is suit for those who have oval face shaped or women, whose hair is of medium density and natural straight hair.
Are you looking for a hairstyle that will emphasis your face line? The blunt bangs bob hairstyle is exactly one of the kind you’re looking for. This hairstyle features with its sharp geometric lines that will draw the eyes to your face lines. This haircut is without layers, the layers will be blunt so that to attract the attention to your face line. Get her look with the Hair Bangs
The Blunt Bangs Bob Hairstyle

6.The Short Curly Asymmetric Hairstyle
If you have a head of natural wavy hair, then you can try this Short Asymmetric Hairstyle, which is an asymmetric short haircut that is suitable for women who have natural wavy hair. This hairstyle can be made by cutting your back part of hair as gradually lifted layers and the curls up and cutting the sides perfectly to allow your hair to be easily curled and lay it best. It is a classical hairstyle but can let your be the sweetest one. But if your hair is straight? Don’t worry, you can get your hair curly with hair wand or get the Curly Hair Extension for it.
The Short Curly Asymmetric Hairstyle

7.The Lob Hairstyle
Lob Haircut will absolutely give you charming more than you wished to be. It is easy to get by cutting longer layers around your face shape. You can achieve this hairstyle whether your face shape is such as heart face, oval face, long face or even triangular face and so on. Look at Katy Perry, even famous as she, still opted the bob style for her 59th Grammy Award. So what do you think? Which one is your favorite hairstyle? Get her look with the Blonde Clip in Hair Extensions
The Lob Hairstyle