As the 9-days New York Fashion Week gone by, do you still feel that not get enough from the high fashion, flashing light show. It is said that the good things are always fleeting, that is why we need to cherish them. Notice it or not, there are 4 hairstyle hot in the show, let’s see which hairstyle are they?

The Off Duty Hairstyle—70s-inspired Super-textured Waves

How To Style:
1. Towel-dry freshly washed locks before rough-drying with the hairdryer - this will give a much more natural, lived-in look, and use a spray at the roots to add volume. Towel-dry hair till 75% dry using the blow dryer.
2. Twist large sections of hair in all different directions and blow-dry to completion.
3. To finish, run a large barrel curling iron through mane to add texture and definition.
4. To add waves, use a large tong or wand but leave the last two inches out so the ends are a little straighter. Always remember to wand each section of hair in different directions around barrel, so it's not so uniform. If the hair looks too ‘done’ when you’re finished, blast it with the dryer to break the curls up.

The Side Part Low Ponytail
A Side Part Low Ponytail it looks really chop; bold and elegant. A smooth, side-parted low ponytail gives a straight-off-the-runway vibe. It definitely make you be the focus of cameras.

How To Style:
1. Start by creating a severe side part on one side of your head.
2. Blow-dry hair pin-straight using the smoothing nozzle attachment to smooth hair from root to tip.
3. Follow with a flatiron for a sleek finish.
4. To add shine, apply some cream section-by-section throughout hair.
5. Smooth hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck, tilting head back to avoid bumps; secure with an elastic band.
6. Wrap a one-inch section of hair around the base of the tail to conceal the elastic; pin in place to hold.

The Half Top Knot Hairstyle
Messy top knots are in a hot rage today. They’re so cute and easy and it keeps your hair off your neck and is a little different from the usual ponytail. Maybe there are a lot of reasons, but either way, they look perfect and chic on anybody, college going girls or working professionals.
A half-up, half-down look will turn heads (and cameras), and will let you win in the street-style game!

How To Style:
1. Start with tousled-texture hair.
2. Pull the front section of your hair back pulling from the sides of your forehead (do not go too far over!) and back before you hit the crown of your head. You don’t want to pull it so far back as the knot needs to truly be on top of your head. You’re essentially grabbing a big square section.
3. Take your hair tie and tie it around the section once pulling the hair all the way through.
4. Take the section and pull it through the hair tie again but only 2/3 of the way.
5. Twist the hair tie (leaving that 1/3 section still out) and tie it around the 2/3 section to create the messy knot. Twist around once more if you have slack in the hair tie and continue to create lumps/messiness. Use hands and texture spray to add softness and movement around the face for an effortless. The messier the better!

The Side-Braided Textured Curls

For fashion week after-parties, create a Side-braided Textured Curls, will give you a unexpected effect!

How To Style:
1. Apply hairspray to moist hair and create an exaggerated side part.
2. Starting at the temple of the shorter part, French braid the hair all the way to the nape of the neck, secure it at the back and cover it with your locks.
3. Using a medium barrel curler, go front to back to create volume structured ringlets.
4. Let hair fall naturally and mist with hairspray to finish.