Updo hairstyles are amazing for women all over the world, with their beautiful and creative, updo hairstyles can giving black women stunning looking. Black hair ranges from straight to gorgeous afro curls. So it’s lots of choices for updo hairstyles. Whether you’re owing short natural hair or long curly, the following 10 undo hairstyles will give you a inspire! Whether you have short natural hair or thick, long spirals, the answer to the perfect updo hairstyle can be found in the gallery below.

1.Lovely Braid Wrap Around Updo
This lovely updo style is very easy to have and it’s fun to play with. Just part your hair for pigtails, then crate two french braids, joint and pin them together. This cute wrap around updo will protect your hair from frizzing and will save you lots of time.
Lovely Braid Wrap Around Updo

2.Sexy Perm Rod Updo
Perm rod updo is a sexy short hairstyle. If you’re looking for a style which can attract others focus, this look will help. Just hide the length of your hair in a reverse french twist. These perm rod curls will definitely enhance your fashion tenfold.
Sexy Perm Rod Updo

3.Mohawk Updo for Black Hair
Mohawk updo is not only popular for men, but also hot among women. This stunning hairstyle is great for evening parties which can allow you show off your splendid earrings and it looks pretty especially with the kinky straight black hair.
Mohawk Updo for Black Hair

4.Cornrows with Curls
Cornrow is a gorgeous hairstyle for black hair. It start at the back of the head and pull the hair forward with natural curls. This updo style definitely creates plenty of volume and comfortable to sleep on. Decorating with twists or natural curls make this look better and spirited!
Cornrows with Curls

5.Queen Braided Updo
If you’re looking for a royal, decent style, try to pile Senegalese braids on top of your head like a queen. Of course, this elegant queen updo will need long hair as foundation, whether natural hair or hair extension. Create and joint the braids with cornrows in a bun shape like a queen, you’ll be surprised with it!
Queen Braided Updo

6.Black Formal Updo
If you’re looking for a formal African American updos that you might need some curls instead of the french braids. The formal updo is a glamorous hairstyle with features of pretty curls and twists on glossy hair. Bobby pins and hairband may help to achieve it.
Black Formal Updo

7.Twisted Bun Updo Hairstyle for Black Women
A royal looped updo is an easy way to protect your hair from hurting by heat tools. Simply add some hair extensions and french braid your hair and bun them on, you can also have the bulky bun updos hairstyle even you have short hair.
Twisted Bun Updo Hairstyle for Black Women

8.Low Bun Updos For Natural African American Hair
Low updo hairstyle is also a perfect hairstyle for natural African American hair. It’s a easy way to combat frizz and humidity with pinning braids into an low updo. If your hair is thick enough, make it into a two-layer bun, decorating with some hair jewelries will be better.
Low Bun Updos For Natural African American Hair

9.Top-Knot Updo for Black Women
A top-knot updo can be achieved in only few minutes as a daily working hairstyle. It just need to triple cross for a high bun.
Top-Knot Updo for Black Women

10.Easy Afro Puff Updo Hairstyle
Just 5 minutes work to this afro puff updo hairstyle, using a elastic headband to push the natural hair into a high ponytail or a flower bun. It looks chic for black women with chin-length afro kinky curly hair and it fits at work or vacation.
Easy Afro Puff Updo Hairstyle