The Children’s Day is upcoming , are you prepare the gifts ready for your kids? It seems hard to choose gifts for children, especially when you have to work hard everyday. But don’t worry, here we have pick up 10 excellent gifts ideas for you to choose a good gift for your kids.

1. Playing With Your Kids
Playing With Your Kids
Children love spending time with the adults in their lives, especially when you’re always busing with works. They want to see you enjoying your time as well as enjoying them. Playing games or sports with your children will be very fun. And do it when your kids still want to join you in, because they will be independent when they become teen, you’d better not let these treasure time be your part of regret things.

2. Going Out with Your Children
Going Out with Your Children
Almost every kid loves animals, you can take your family to the Zoo on that day, or visit the science museum, children’s museum together with your kids at least. These are great family gifts.

3. Styling A Good Hairstyle for Your Kids
Styling A Good Hairstyle for Your Kids
Having an event with your kids will make this Children’s Day memorable. Buy tickets of a hot movie or tickets to a concert, or sport will be great for your kids and yourself. To make the event more memorable, if your child keeping a head of Long Hair, giving your girl a pigtails hairstyle or princess hairstyle would be wonderful. If you don’t know how to achieve a pigtails style, follow the steps,

#1 Using a comb or brush, part the hair evenly down the middle.
#2 Tease the first two layers.
#3 Using a hair ties, pull one side back in a loose tail.
#4 Grab small sections of hair from the front of the hair and pin them away from the pig tails.
#5 Pull the other side up to the height you want it positioned at and use the comb or a brush to pull it flat.
#6 Return to the side pulled back in a loose tail.
#7 Use a straightener to gently pull the hair straight, after making sure it is completely dry.
#8 To create a big scene pigtails tease the top of the pigtails, and use some hairspray, that’s it.

4. Apply Classes For Your Kids
Apply Classes For Your Kids
Classes like music, dance, drawing, kongfu are a great way to encourage kids in their interests if your child love these classes. Apply the classes it love and accompany it have a lesson together on the Children’s Day, let them know you love them and pay attention to what they like.

5. Cooking with Your Kids
 Cooking with Your Kids
Children love to cooking with their parents. Cooking with your kids is an ideal time to spend together and let your kids learn life skills. That is two birds with one stone. If your child is a foodie, they will love to make snacks themselves! DIY Some homemade granola or cookies together with you kids will be awesome.

6. Arts And Crafts Supplies
Arts And Crafts Supplies
Making crafts is an enjoyable things. These can help your children be creative. Buy a basket of craft supplies your kids love and do it with them on that day is a good option. If your craft box is running low, stock up a little on things you need. Add in something fun the kids haven’t used before. A gift of arts and crafts supplies often brings on the imagination, and kids can’t wait to get to work!

7. New Clothes will Make Your Children Excited
New Clothes will Make Your Children Excited
Getting clothes is a excited thing to everyone. So as children. Give your girl a dress, your boy a suit or other cloths they wanted, they will love it. The point is get it fits their style. Or you can just buy them a dress-up clothes for this special day, let them have fun for their festival.

8. Buying Some Books For Your Children
Buying Some Books For Your Children
Another good but easy to be ignored gift is books. Maybe you will consider that your kids already got lots of books from the library or school, is it unwise to choose books? Actually, many of children love to read, maybe not their textbooks, but they do love stories, cartoon, encyclopaedia, etc. You can buy something your kids love, on the other hand, books can bring your kids wisdom, why not?

9. Cute Backpacks for Kids
Cute Backpacks for Kids
If you’re an outdoorsy family, buying children their own fishing tackle or gardening equipment or backpacks can be a good choice. Let them carry the new equipment and have a family hiking day.

10. Puzzles and Games
Puzzles and Games
Games and puzzles are great for kids when they are indoors. It’s good to practice their brain and develop their individual quiet times during the day and problem solving skills. Games teach a lot too. The Zillionaire game is fun and can teach your kids how to deal with their property. But not the mobile game or internet game, these kind of games will even get yourself addicted, let alone the kids.