You may always want to try some fashion and beautiful hairstyles when you’re owning a head of shiny hair, but sometimes you just wondering what should be? Because you don’t know what is the hair trend leading? If that happens to you, here are 10 beautiful hairstyle you can try, they are hot and trendy! What are they? Read ahead to know about the beautiful hairstyles!

1. Lob (Lob=Long Bob)
Lob will give you a stunning look at any occasion. With your smooth, straight lob, you can convince anyone to go for a chop. A lob style is not only sleek, but also looks extremely healthy, polished and natural, plus the dark and light highlights can make any woman with fair skin look beautiful. It’s a perfect hairstyle looks universally flattering on all hair types. There are lots of Hollywood ladies trying the haircut, because the lob hairstyle do attract attention to color, shape, and texture. Lobs are so chic they ensure the cropped trend will keep on keeping on.

2.Wob (Wob=Wavy Bob)
Wob or wavy bob, It’s a chic but mature hairstyle that comes with a playful touch. It is also a highly versatile look, no wonder so many Hollywood idols love the wavy bob. You can wear it with a cocktail dress to a formal event or with jeans and a tee to run some errands or do some shopping.

The wob hairstyle, can instantly draw attention to your face. If you have an oblong-shaped face, make sure that your wob is a bit longer than the chin length. To get dreamy and tousled waves, work a curling tong (on low heat) into your locks with some hair spray. Make sure to twirl it through every section of hair to maintain separation of the hair strands.

3.Half Updo
There are lots of half updo hairstyle in hair fashion. Half up, half down hairstyle in ombre clolors looks great! What you need to do is create two fishtail braids from a section of hair on each side of the head. Secure with an elastic and tie the hair in a knot a second time and secure with one or two bobby pins. Remove the hair elastics once the knot is pinned and let the braided ends fall straight. Then enjoy your half updo hairstyle!

4.Messy Updo
Messy updo is always a sexy updo hairstyle, it is one of the most romantic stunning hairstyle! If you’re owning a head of medium to long length hair, keep your hair out of your face while giving the entire look an ethereal touch, twist your hair behind into a ponytail and wrap it, securing it behind your head, add floral hairband if you like to.

5.Side Part Ponytail
Keeps your hairstyle simple with a deep side part ponytail. To make this side part ponytail look, tie the ponytail on one side and conceal the hairdo with a tie; you can also section off the hair for a polished look. Finish off this look with minimal makeup and simple jewellery.

6.Half Twisted Flower Knot
We love this cute and extremely chic half twisted flower knot. This is a beautiful look especially on ombre hair. If you want to wear a portion of your hair down, style about half of your hair into a half twist flower knot like this one. Romantic and stylish!

7.Curly Low Bun
If you want be looked chic and feminine with a head of curly hair, tie them in a messy low bun. If your hair are not curly, just curl the hair using thin curling flats and wrap it into a low bun.

8.Braided Half Updo Hairstyle
Braided half updos are perfect and it is wide-used for weddings, as they mix the glam of the updo along with the elegant and vagarious loose hair. Plus, braided half updo is extremely flattering for round face, and it is easy to add the flower crown on when in wedding occasion.

9.Messy Long Hair
As we said before, there is nothing sexier the messy hair, especially when you have a head of long hair. Use a curling iron to curl the bottom hair, texturing mist with some hair spray to add more volume for messy waves For more natural-looking waves and a messy finish. That’s why so many girls want to keep their hair long, because it’s much simple to get a sexy and beautiful hairstyle.

10.Crown Braid Hairstyle
I haven’t worn a crown braid ever because I think my hair isn’t long enough. However, I am longing to have a crown braid hairstyle someday and I adore the hairstyles very much. It’s ultra-pretty for girls to wear a crown braid hair do. The girls who style a braided crown look elegant and natural, so they can be gorgeous with crown braids for any occasion. It would be better for girls to pair a white dress with their pretty crown braided hair.

Another beautiful hairstyle for long hair is the crown braid. It’s super pretty for girls to wear a crown braid if your hair long enough. Any girl who style a braided crown looks elegant and natural, she can be gorgeous with crown braids for any occasion. There are so many idols styling the crow braids in the recent years. So it’s definitely hot in hair fashion and salon. If you have naturally curly or straight hair, use styling tools on your locks, and add some hair spray to keep them in place.

So there you have it–our collected 10 beautiful hairstyles. Whether you are planning on styling your hair, this post will inspire you. And if you have more beautiful articles about hair, welcome to contribute your post to our site, you’re more than welcome here!